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Link Engine Management

Link Engine Management have designed a range of ECU and engine

management products to meet the needs of any driver, from the entry-level

Atom to the high-end Thunder – there's a Link ECU designed for you.

All Link ECU products are designed to get you out and achieving your best, as fast as possible and without fail.

The full range is available please contact us if you cant see what you're looking for. We can also fit and tune if required 01924 377127.


Link WireIn standalone ECUs are the ultimate in flexibility.They can be wired and configured to just about run any engine in any car!! 


Link PlugIn ECUs totally replace the original factory ECU, in the original location. Fast install, full engine management, tuning solution!


All the bits and pieces you need for your ECU installation

Looms and Cables 

  • G4+ Loom A 0.4m 

  • G4+ Loom B 0.4m

  • G4+ Loom A 2.5m

  • G4+ Loom B 2.5m

  • G4+ Loom A 5.0m

  • G4+ Loom B 5.0m

  • G4+ Plug Kit C

  • G4+ Plug kit D

  • G4+ PlugIn Expansion Loom

  • Tuning Cable (round)

  • Can Dash Cable 


  • MAP Sensor 1.15 Bar absolute

  • MAP Sensor 2.5 Bar absolute

  • MAP Sensor 3 Bar absolute

  • MAP Sensor 4 Bar absolute

  • MAP Sensor 5 Bar absolute

  • MAP Sensor 6.5 Bar absolute

  • Air Temp Sensor 1/8 NPT

  • 1/8 ntp weld on boss aluminium

  • 1/8 ntp weld on boss steel

  • Air Temp Sensor Bosch type

  • Bosch style weld on boss aluminium

  • Coolant Temp Sensor 1/8 BSP 

  • Coolant Temp Sensor M12 

  • Knock Sensor wideband doughnut style

  • Pressure Sensor, oil or fuel, 10 Bar/150psi, NPT Thread

  • Ethanol Content Sensor

  • Crank Angle Sensor 

  • Trigger wheel 150mm

  • Trigger wheel 175mm

  • Trigger wheel 200mm

Driver Display

  • Dash 2 Pro 

All Link ECUs (Engine Control Units) are 100% New Zealand designed and developed. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty so if your ECU breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we’ll repair or replace, no questions asked.

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