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Stand Alone

Suspension, Coilovers

An ECU, PCM, DME or whatever a certain manufacturer calls theirs is basically the computer that controls the running of the engine and features associated with it.

A Stand Alone ECU is an aftermarket version of this that completely replaces the original one. You can run and aftermarket unit alongside an original when you don't need all the control available and this is known as a "piggy back" setup.

An aftermarket ECU is needed when you want more control and adjustment than the original can give you, extra functions such as anti lag, boost control, launch control, flat shift, converting from a MAF to MAP sensor setup, going from carburettor to injection, distributor to COP and also when you've changed the engine and the factory immobiliser or crossing marques makes a standard one is incompatible.


We have the flexibility to run just about any engine in any vehicle !

Crisp Tuning are dealers for Link ECU and can supply, fit and advise you on a set up to suit your application. 

The entire range for Link ECU is available through ourselves. We can also offer products and tuning equipment that may not be listed in our shop.  

Please call us on 01924 377127 for more details and prices

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Suspension, Coilovers
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