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Who We Are...

Updated: May 15, 2018

From humble beginnings, we opened the doors to the public in 2004. Although Chris carried out his training/qualifications through a Ford dealership, he started out mainly working on the Toyota MR2; this was down to owning one but mainly due to having a real passion for the Japanese marks. 

Since 2004 we've expanded our knowledge across all brands. We believe in the power of education and feel having the right equipment and the skills to operate them go hand in hand so we invest heavily in these areas.

During the last 10 years we've had to move to larger premises twice and now have a modern unit with a combined space of over 5000sqft in the town centre of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 

Now in 2018 we're dealers for over 100 brands with most being leaders in their field. With having built over 25 feature cars we're well established with the community.  

The Team

Chris - Mechanic and Tuner 

James - Runs the online side and Web designer  

Jim - Marketing and Sales

Dave - Mechanic

Want to see what we do? Visit our Gallery

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