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Alignment, Corner Weighting and Roll Cages

Wheel alignment is an important, and often overlooked aspect. A poorly set-up car is at best, spoiling your driving enjoyment and at worst, unsafe. Pot holes and kerbs can easily change the alignment of your wheels, causing a poor handling car, and excessive/uneven wear on your tyres. For these reasons, we recommend checking the wheel alignment on your car on an regular basis.

We use a Supertracker four wheel laser alignment tool that allows us to find the correct geometry settings for your vehicle. With this tool, we can set the geometry of your car to suit the usage your vehicle will experience, from road, to track, to race.

You would be surprised by the benefits we can find for you, when we simply reconfigure your car's suspension back to standard or a customised setup based on our expertise and experience.

Misalignment Symptoms To Look Out For

Fuel Consumption

Wheel alignment settings are designed in to the vehicle geometry to give the most comfortable ride with the optimum road handling. This achieves the lowest rolling resistance for the tyres. With the correct wheel alignment for your vehicle you will achieve the best fuel consumption figures. 


The cost of tyres is a constant investment for motorists. Most people do not understand that the modern tyre is a very technical and integral part of the vehicle. For the tyre to work to its full design potential, the correct alignment settings for the vehicle must be used for the tyre to have the full contact to the road. This way you will get the maximum life from your tyres.

Understeer / Oversteer

These words are used a lot by motoring journalists. It all sounds very technical but in reality it can easily be explained. Understeer is when the car does not turn enough and has the affect of wanting to go straight on. Over steer is the opposite when the car turns tighter than intended, this can lead to cars spinning. Both of these conditions are a symptom of miss alignment.  

Corner Weighting

Static weight distribution is the weight resting on each tire contact patch with the car at rest, exactly the way it will be used. Corner Weighting or sometimes called Scaling is using a digital scale under each wheel to measure the weight balance across the axles and front to rear.

If the car’s cross weight isn’t balanced, the car will turn better in one direction than it does in the other. Sometimes just using the scales to decide where to relocate a battery or mount a fuel cell is worth the effort.

We have a specially levelled lift and Intercomp Digital motorsport scales to help us get our great proven results.

It’s all well and good splashing out on stiffer springs, coilovers, beefier anti-roll bars and various support braces to firm up you car’s ride and get it sitting how you want. But if you don’t get your weight distribution even it won’t handle as well as it could, and it will be rubbish on the track.

It’s not rocket science. In fact, getting your car’s weight distribution even on all four corners is a bit like getting all four legs on a table the same length. If one leg’s shorter than the other, the whole thing will be out of kilter!

Roll Cages

Safety in motorsport is paramount and this has led to increasingly demanding regulations. Just look inside a WRC works rally car to see how sophisticated the latest roll cage designs have become!  Whether its a rear cage or a full motorsport FIA spec we can meet your requirements.

Crisp Tuning work along side Custom Cages and we can happily supply or supply and fit you something to meet your requirements or competition regulations.

We have in house fabricators with high end equipment to make sure such a vital part of your build gets done to the right standards.

Roll cages also give a great stiffness to your chassis, give support to subframes and also can be used to mount air jacks.

Contact us today on 01924 377127 / if you need any more info!

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