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Adjustable Arms, Hubs & Knuckles

Adjustable Arms and Joints

Being able to fine tune the suspension geometry to suit your car and driving style is an excellent ability to have and is easily achievable thanks to the huge range of high quality and affordable adjustable arms that we stock and supply.

Whether you're setting up your car for competition level drifting, a lap of the Nürburgring or for some fast country lane fun, adjustable suspension arms are key for achieving the best handling possible.

​Crisp Tuning can supply you with Hardrace, Superpro and Driftworks products for your alignment needs.We can even make you custom items for those one off applications.

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Why fit adjustable alignment arms?

The first benefit to fitting the Hardrace alignment arms is that they come with either an uprated bush or a rose joint. These uprated components minimise the movement in the arm in comparison to the standard items. You want minimal movement as any movement translates through to the steering in the form of vagueness and a lack of response in the steering input.

Each and every original bush has a degree of slop built into it to maximise the cars compliance and minimise noise and vibration being passed into the cabin. This soft nature is exaggerated with age as the bush starts to deteriorate and their resistance to forces reduces leading to greater and greater deflection under load.

As you turn the steering wheel the original bushes start to take the strain and in doing so compress. As they compress you have to compensate via the steering wheel as the original inputs effect is reduced via the bushes squashing.

Improved Steering Response

You can improve the cars steering response and reaction to input by minimising or eliminating the play that exists in the original soft bushes. For the majority of road cars the Hardrace uprated rubber bushes will be sufficient. They use rubber rather than polyurethane due to the better noise and vibration absorption properties with no loss of effectiveness in reducing deflection in comparison to polyurethane. If you want to eliminate play completely then we offer rose jointed bushes.

These provide a complete elimination in play for maximum response to steering input. Rubber and polyurethane bushes provide significant resistance to arm movement, they want the arm to sit in the position it was fitted in so when the wheel moves upwards through its travel the bush tries to push the arm back down to its resting position.

The rose joints allow free movement of the arm with minimal stiction. This allows the suspension to work more efficiently improving the spring and dampers ability to function as designed and keep the cars tyres in contact with the ground and control body movement.

The majority of the Hardrace arms are adjustable. This allows you to alter key elements of the cars geometry to optimise the handling characteristics.

Hubs and Knuckles

While your car might be great out of the factory as soon as you increase the power, change the tyre width or lower it drastically the original pivot points and geometry my not be giving you its full potential.

Whether its Improvements in steering lock, drop and kinematics over the original we can supply and fit you a better suited item.

Most still have provisions for ABS sensors and also still retaining anti roll bars. While providing an increase in steering speed over standard with ackerman settings for grip driving you'll be amazed buy the difference in grip, feedback and control.


We've had great results with both Wisefab and Powered by Max and both are available through ourselves.  

Higher roll center (RC). Lowering the car would mess up the original factory designed kinematics, especially with MacPherson suspension. On Wisefab knuckle, the ball joint is lowered 56mm, which brings the Front RC up on lowered car, providing higher roll stiffness and letting to remove the Front anti roll bar (sway bar) that is quite difficult to package with that high lock angles.

Very good camber control and minimal bump steer with high steering angles. On drift cars the dynamic camber and bump steer is much more important than static. With our kinematics we have assured that the camber would provide very good Front grip and bump steer is minimal at all the range of steering.

Steering jacking control. During steering the car chassis is moving up and down – this is called jacking. Steering jacking is caused by combination of caster, KPI, trail and scrub. On road cars, this effect is used sometimes to balance the car or to help to turn in. During drifting, when steering angle is much bigger, jacking is also bigger, even with the same geometry and it could become a problem. We have changed the geometry that it doesn’t cause any handling issues.

Consistent and predictable self-alignment torque. Caster is not the only important parameter to provide sufficient self-alignment torque especially at high lock. It’s the combination of different parameters to maintain consistent trail and self-alignment torque. With our setup the steering wheel turns always to the direction of movement and doesn’t get stuck at full lock.

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