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Stainless Steel weld on Flange


The only BOV rated at over 300psi

(That’s more boost than 13 stock Mitsubishi Evo Xs combined!)


GFB’s New SV50; the highest flowing blow-off valve in the GFB range, capable of supporting IMMENSE horsepower!

What makes the SV50 stand out from the crowd?

Take note, diesel guys - the SV50 has the strength to withstand over 300psi without breaking a sweat! Try doing this with a diaphragm-type BOV!


The SV50’s single-piece billet monoblock body design eliminates the need for fasteners and a separate cap, making it stronger and more compact.


The one-piece brass piston does not use a diaphragm. This ensures strength and reliability for the life of the valve.


Adjustability - other brands require you to pay extra for different springs to set the valve up to the engine’s idle vacuum. The SV50 can be used on applications with manifold vacuum ranging from 5-22”Hg (2.5-11psi vacuum).

SV50 High Flow Blow off valve ss

SKU: gfb-T9050ss
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