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Standard exhaust systems can have a detrimental effect to your engines performance. This can be due to emissions regulations , noise restrictions or even manufacturing cost as well as being under spec'd as you increase the power of your engine.

Its vitally important to choose the correct exhaust design ​to suit you application ! There's a real science to the sizing of exhausts and you can even manipulate your peak power areas and power bands through a manifold alone.

Crisp Tuning are dealers for Milltek, Scorpion, HKS and Akrapovic exhaust and we can even fabricate custom systems for one off applications and engine conversions.

Turbo Manifolds

Just from fitting a manifold we have seen anything up to a 15% gain in

BHP and torque. Spool time can be 400rpm quicker and peak

power is held anything up to 600rpm longer, so not only do you

get the extra gains in performance, your power band is also increased!

NA Manifolds

High flow, light weight tubular manifolds are one of the best modifications

you can do to a naturally aspirated engine.

Whether its a 4-1 or a 4-2-1  we can advise and supply you with

what best suits your needs.



Turbo charged engines need to be able to breathe. High powered

applications have increased heat and volume in the exhaust, to enable

an improvement in performance you need to reduce the back pressure

and this is achieved by adjusting the diameter accordingly.


Want a little more power from your car? A cat-back exhaust is the perfect

compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and

bolting one of our cat-back exhausts on that are designed for improved

gasflow and sound, but leave the car fully road legal and MOT ready.


Please call us on 01924 377127 for more details and prices

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